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Sand Tires Unlimited is well known for its paddle tires in the dunes, and with the evolution of the types of vehicles enjoying the soft sand, a new tire needed to be created. Their all-new The Big Tebo tire is perfect for UTVs that need more bite out of the front tires.

The Big Tebo has eight sections of paddles, and each section has three paddles. The paddles alternate sides, making it the same whether it is mounted on the left or the right side of the vehicle.

The tire is 32 inches tall and mounts on a 15x8 wheel. Like all Sand Tires Unlimited products, these are American-made products. The Big Tebo is durable and weighs 22 pounds, but when it is comp cut, the tire comes in at only 16 pounds. This tire fits many applications, from weekend warrior duners to high horsepower drag racers.