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(PAIR) Sand Tires Unlimited Desert Master Tires 35.00 x 15

Original price $1,450.00
Current price $1,350.00

Desert Master 35-15


  • Rear tire (commonly used on all 4) 
  • Mounts on a 15” wheel  
  • 4 ply  
  • Dimensions 35 x 35 x 14 
  • Weight 45 pounds  
  • Recommended rim width 10”-12” 
  • PSI 8-12 


This is one of our most versatile tires ever made! For sand, desert, and snow applications this  tire is made with a durable rubber compound and its width paired with a unique tread pattern  it gives just the right amount of floatation and bite. This hybrid tire is the popular choice of  people running their vehicles in sand and the desert.