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PS-4 Extreme Duty Oil Change Kit, Genuine OEM Part 2881697

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PS-4 Extreme Duty oil is specifically designed for your Polaris® vehicle in the most extreme environments and under the most demanding conditions. Armed with both rust and corrosion inhibitors, PS-4 Extreme is our toughest and best high-performance oil we offer. Special additives make it the ideal lubricant for wet environments or for extended storage periods. Polaris Engineered™ lubricants are specifically designed to keep your vehicle running like new - under the most extreme conditions on the planet including sub-zero starts to the scorching heat of the high desert and everywhere in between. Our PS-4 oil is designed to work across the broadest range of temperatures possible with the highest viscosity range in the industry. In fact, PS-4 oil has been subjected to some of the most extreme tests we could dream up and PS-4 was shown to outperform traditional off-the-shelf motor oils by 39%; with 24% less engine wear and 19% less consumption.

Kit Includes: Three quarts of PS-4 oil, correct oil filter (PN 2520799)