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(PAIR) Sand Tires Unlimited Desert Master Tires 35.00 x 17

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SKU DS35-17

Desert Master 35-17


  • Rear tire (can be used on all 4) 
  • Mounts on a 17” wheel 
  • 4 ply  
  • Dimensions 35 x 35 x 14 
  • Weight 45 pounds 
  • Recommended rim width 10”-12” 
  • PSI 8-12 


This is one of our most versatile tires ever made! For sand, desert, and snow applications this  tire is made with a durable rubber compound and its width paired with a unique tread pattern  it gives just the right amount of floatation and bite. This hybrid tire is the popular choice of  people running their vehicles in sand and the desert. While also offered in a 15” wheel the 17”  option was created to clear the brake calipers on larger vehicles.