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2020 X3 RR Tuning Stages are as follows:

EVP STAGE 1-200 91 OCTANE – Stock boost with fueling corrected and limiters removed
EVP STAGE 2-210 91 OCTANE – Raised boost pressure, fueling corrected with other tune features below
EVP STAGE 3-215 91 OCTANE – Boost raised further, fueling corrected with other tune features below
EVP STAGE 3R-225 – 93 OCTANE – Max boost for stock injectors! Fueling corrected with other tune features below

All power levels were achieved with a stock exhaust.  More power is available with a free flowing exhaust.

NEW – Factory ECU integrated 2 Step Launch 


2020 Maverick X3 RR ECU Programming by EVP: The 2020 Can Am X3 RR is so good that it deserved an enhanced dyno testing and field testing regimen to make sure our tuning is the best available anywhere.  Tuning this beast started in Sturgis, SD in early August 2019 for some high altitude calibrations and testing while simultaneously remote tuning an identical X3 RR on one of our wheel dynos in Phoenix, AZ.  This allowed us to make rapid development on early tuning files.  Our 2020 RR was then brought back to our facility in Wisconsin where it was joined by a second development X3 XMR RR (aka the Green Machine). 

We decided from now on all heavy tune development would be performed on our engine dyno rather than a wheel dyno.  This change was made for two reasons.  First, an engine dyno removes the CVT drive system from the tuning equation.  The CVT will always try to keep the engine REVs at within a narrow RPM range during a power sweep whereas our engine dyno can sweep the entire operating range of the engine.  Also, the engine dyno can hold RPM’s at very specific values which allows us to tune those areas, throttle openings and load levels without the “Continuously Variable Transmission” varying the load and RPM.  Tuning the engine outside of the CVT allows us to deliver a more refined tune and eliminates all of the variables (tire size, clutching, strap tension, etc) which result in the incredible spectrum of dyno figures published for this vehicle.  For example, the stated dyno numbers for a bone stock 2020 X3 RR among our shop and others varied by over 20 WHP!  All vehicles were tested on the same manufacturer dyno.  This is ridiculous.  The factory rates the power of their engines at the crank and we do too.

You can see from our dyno graphs that the power curves are extremely flat – in fact our tunes make within 6 horsepower of peak power over a 1200 rpm range!  This means that even if your clutching is 500 or more RPMs off, that your X3 will be sacrificing only a few ponies!

Field testing the beta stock injector, stock turbo tunes was started in St Anthony, ID.  Conditions could not have been worse for a SXS.  93 Degrees F and 5500′ elevation created a density altitude of 9300′.  Once we proved the tunes there, we then drove straight to Glamis, CA and did the worst torture testing we have ever done on any vehicle previously.  First we filled up our X3 with poor California 91 Octane fuel. With ambient temperatures at 110 Deg F, we ran each tune on both Oldsmobile and at the sand drags over and over again.  We are confident our tuning is the most thoroughly tested in the industry.

Evolution Powersports works with top racers in the industry such Marc Burnett, Dustin Jones, Kyle Chaney, Matt Burroughs, Lonestar Racing, Elliot Burns, Casey Scherer, Jason Watt, Scottie Lawrence and many others.  6 out of the top 10 drivers in the Lucas Oil Midwest series used EVP tunes & products to help get them to the podium.  EVP programming and products are also used by top drivers in GNCC, BITD and SCORE race series with countless podiums.  Our tunes are the most powerful, refined and safest tunes on the market.  Also, EVP owns 6 development Can AM X3’s.  This allows us to do parallel development on stock turbo, consumer tunes while engineering next level products and tunes.

NEW – Factory ECU integrated 2 Step Launch Control Option coming soon!

For those who are unfamiliar with 2 step – the purpose of it is to allow you to build boost from a standstill without engaging the belt.  In racing situations, this gives you an incredible advantage over your buddies.  Generally, it provides about a 3-4 car length lead right from the holeshot vs a non-launch equipped vehicle. This product has been in the works for over 2 years, and it is finally ready for prime time.  To engage ILC, you must be below 5 MPH, step on the brake to engage and apply full throttle. This is when the magic happens – you have a rev limit at 2600 RPMs, retarded ignition and added fuel.  The engine starts to pop and backfire while you watch your boost gauge climb from vacuum to up to 8 lbs of boost in about 3 seconds.  As soon as you release the brake, it is like being shot out of a cannon and you launch your way to glory ahead of your buddies! 

This product is only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning companies ECU flashes. ILC tunes combined with EVP Shift Tech clutch kits will dominate this fall! Shift Tech is EVP’s advanced clutching packages with weights, custom springs helixes.

Launch Control requires a 23-2700 RPM engagement to work correctly.  EVP has high engagement springs which can be used in conjunction with your existing clutching to get the RPMs where they need to be.

Tune Features:

  • Revised intercooler fan settings – makes the OEM intercooler far more effective!
  • Left foot braking enabled for 2 foot operation
  • Improved boost response / low to midrange power improvements
  • Launch button for drag racing available – Our on/off switch replaces the OEM override switch which allows Launch Start from a standstill and prevents “low gear” mode.  This allows operation of the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time from a standstill to launch the car HARD!
  • Speed limits raised / TQ limits removed in Low & High Gear
  • Low & High Gear rev limit increased from 8300 to 9000 RPMS
  • V-Max Raised
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved) – Linear throttle rather than the lazy pedal the factory has programmed
  • Fans set to activate at 165 degrees
  • Race Start – No need to press the brake to start vehicle
  • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed