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The 2020 Maverick X3 RR Silicone Charge Tubes with BOV Port are ready for big boost!   The 2020 RR 195 hp model has larger intercooler inlet and outlet.  Our new reinforced hoses have been enlarged to fit the new RR and have a larger ID throughout. 

Why silicone over aluminum?  EVP reinforced silicone charge tubes are stronger than typical thin wall aluminum tubes – our charge tubes are burst tested to over 80 PSI without failure.  Silicone does not transfer heat the way aluminum does.  The X3 charge tubes are situated directly over the engine and turbo.  Since silicone is an insulator, heat will not be transferred from the engine/turbo radiant heat to the charge air.  Also aluminum tubes generally cannot be formed into the shape that silicone can be.  This means that aluminum tubes have to be joined together by silicone couplers.  Each coupler adds 2 extra clamps which means two more potential failure/leak points.  

The EVP direct replacement silicone charge tubes come with new high strength, spring backed T Bolt Clamps for leak proof connections.  Our tubes include a BOV port and an extra port for a boost gauge.  Not only are our charge tubes super strong, but they add a bit of bling as well