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MOTEC M130 PNP KIT | '17-'20 CAN-AM X3

Precio original $4,995.00
Precio actual $4,895.00
SKU JRR 980-5200

  • This full standalone kit replaces the stock ECU and provides a powerful tuning solution. The M130 kit plugs right in to your X3 Turbo and includes a start up calibration customized to your setup
  • This kit fits 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo models

  • Complete integration with Can-Am CAN bus - maintains full OE vehicle operation and dash functionality
  • Full control of all engine parameters including fuel, timing, boost, launch, etc with live tuning

  • Features a 12 pin DTM connector with spare inputs and outputs - makes adding additional sensors and components easy
  • Support for staged injection - run a second set of injectors for high power or alcohol fuels

  • Closed loop lambda control - using optional lambda sensor

  • Flex fuel control - adjust fuel, timing, boost, cold start and more based upon ethanol content

  • Supports running two separate fuel systems - each with a different type of fuel

  • Launch control - trigger from vehicle speed or add an external switch

  • Nitrous control - various parameters supplied to control nitrous. Includes nitrous bottle heater relay control based on nitrous pressure

  • CO2/wastegate pressure control - controls a fill/bleed solenoid setup to control wastegate pressure

  • Water injection control - with fail safe for boost/timing/fuel based on pressure sensor feedback

  • Knock control

  • Cruise control - useful for pit speed control
  • Full control of cooling fan activation points. 

  • Supports the use of third party lambda controllers with 0-5v output

  • Supports momentary buttons

  • Supports direct input from a MoTeC/Racegrade CAN keypad