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(PAIR) Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Trak Tires 20.00 x 15 No.2

Precio original $2,100.00
Precio actual $2,000.00

Padla Trak 20.00


  • Rear tire
  • Mounts on 15” wheel 
  • 4 ply
  • Dimensions 31 x 31 x 21 (grows to 32+ when inflated)
  • Weight: Uncut 51 pounds, Play cut #2 43 pounds, Comp cut #2 33 pounds  -Recommended rim width 15”-18”
  • PSI 8-10
  • 18 paddles
  • Typically used in race applications the 31” tribute, 8.50 big smoothie, 14.50 Desert trak and  32” leed screw are great tires to pair with on the front. 


One of our Heavy Hitters! This is the bad boy, it has been a favorite for decades, Evolving with  the industry it has had huge success on Buggies, sand cars, Jeeps and more. In today’s Era it is  most popular with HIGH HORSEPOWER side by sides and buggies in excess of 450+ WHP. This is  the super, all-out hill climbing, drag racing monster sand tire. This is the mega biting sand tire  that took "No-Doze", the first 4 cylinder sand dragster, to under 3 seconds in the 100 yard race.  This monster has an appetite for mud-bogs and snow. The big, wide foot print makes it ideal for both.