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Agency Power Valvetronic Exhaust System Can-Am Maverick X3 | X3 Max 17-20

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Upgrading your exhaust system on the Can-Am X3 can make the driving experience much more enjoyable with new race sounds coming from the 3 cylinder, turbocharged engine.  However, not all the time you want your X3 to be loud like a Baja vehicle.  Agency Power has taken its experience in high performance vehicle exhaust systems and applied that to the UTV market with this first of a kind valvetronic exhaust.  A valvetronic exhaust is operated with a switch to open and close a valve that changes the path of the exhaust gases.  By doing this, you can alter the sound and performance.  Most exhaust systems on the market give you the loud all the time or don’t integrate the unique styling that Can-Am has done with their stock exhaust tip.  It seems that other manufactures simply made an exhaust system that was just stuck on the vehicle without any design and engineering involved.  Agency Power changes that with this all new valvetronic exhaust.

The Agency Power exhaust for the Can-Am X3 is all made here in Arizona, USA.  After 3D modeling, prototypes, and a proven JIG was completed, the production of this exhaust was commenced to support all Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo models.  It is manufactured from T304 stainless steel tubing that is precision TIG welded.  It features stainless steel mounting brackets and the spring retainer to use the factory or aftermarket catalytic converter pipe.  The unique AP tips are also constructed from 18 gauge, stainless steel that are bolted to the exhaust with an integrated spark arrestor system.  The dual tip design works with the factory plastic exhaust shielding.  A custom Magnaflow muffler was designed for this project to give a nice tone when the exhaust valve is closed.  Exhaust gases go through the resonator muffler and out of the left hand side tip.  When the valve is opened, exhaust gases bypass the muffler and exit straight through the right side exhaust tip.

To operate the valvetronic exhaust, a custom made plug and play switch by XTC Powersports is included.  This switch features color matching LEDs for the on and off position.  It is designed to be mounted on the center dash or the center console.  If you mount it up on the center dash by the start and stop button, the switch plugs into an existing port already available.  If you mount it on the center console, the CANBUS bar is located under this trim to easily tie in the power and ground.  The valve operates using vacuum pressure.  Each kit includes a vacuum block that is fitted to the stock intake manifold.  Here you connect the solenoid that is operated by the switch to open and close the valve.

With the exhaust valve open, you can now hear the turbo spool up as you accelerate through the RPMs.  The incredible new sound can be heard from far making you stand out amongst your others.  When cruising the roads or trails and you need it quiet, simply close the valve to have a near stock sound that is very subtle.  Tuning is not required when doing this exhaust or when adding a cat delete pipe.  Improvements in horsepower and throttle response or instantly noticed!

All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the form here.


  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Industry First Valvetronic Design
  • Quiet and Race Modes
  • Integrated Exhaust Tips
  • Modular Design
  • Does Not Require Tuning



  • 2017-2020 Can-Am X3 and X3 Max All Models