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SKU SR31-15Black bird
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The Sand Tires Unlimited Blackbird tire is a 31" paddle tire that is designed for today's higher horsepower, long travel UTVs. This tire works well on vehicles like the new Can-Am Maverick X3 and the 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. Sand Tires Unlimited is generally considered the best sand paddle tires on the market and these tires do not disappoint. 

3 different paddle sizes depending on the horsepower of your vehicle-
#1 being the best for most non-modified X3 and RZR turbos. If you have further modified your vehicle for even more power, you can try the #2 or #3 depending on your vehicles output. 

What makes STU's superior to other sand tires is the compound, weight, and design of the paddles. They are lighter than other molded paddles from China, they use a special compound the gives just the right amount of traction, and the paddle design doesn't just huck sand into the faces of the people riding behind you. 

Blackbird PRO SR31-15 


  • Rear tire 
  • Mounts on 15” wheel  
  • 4 ply  
  • Dimensions 31 x 31 x 15 
  • Weight: Uncut 45 Pounds, Play cut #1 33 pounds, Play cut #2 35 pounds, Play cut #3 37 pounds. Comp Cut #2 is 27 pounds  
  • Recommended rim width 12” 
  • PSI 8-10 
  • 16 Paddles  


A great front tire to go with this is the 31-15 tribute or the 32” leed screw. Like the blackbird, the blackbird PRO has become a popular choice over the last few years in the  UTV market and Buggies as well. Everything about this tire is the same as the blackbird with the  exception of width. The pro is an inch wider, With 3 paddle options it is a great choice for many  UTV’s. For paddle recommendations we have found #1 is what works well starting around  175WHP, once you get around 230 WHP its time to step up to the #2, and from about 320  WHP+ the #3 paddle. Although this tire can handle more horse power in many cases the  standard blackbird will work just as well or better based of the kind of riding you do and your driving style.